If you are switching to QuickBooks from any other accounting software or you just want to convert an old company file to a new QuickBooks company file version, you would need a QuickBooks Conversion tool for this purpose. Sometimes, it becomes a matter of concern to convert your company file from any other accounting software to QuickBooks when you are switching, as it is nearly impossible and hazardous to create a company file all over again when you already have that in any other software.

What Is QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

It is a free tool developed by Intuit that helps users to convert their Quicken, Zoho books, or any other company file to QuickBooks company file without eliminating any data. Without compromising the data security, this tool allows users to access a wide range of conversion assignments. By using this, one can convert the company file from many other projects.

Even if you want, you can convert your peachtree or sage 50 files to QuickBooks company files without changing anything in the data. It is a completely secured tool that is beneficial for many users who want to switch to QuickBooks without losing their old company file in any other software or program.

QuickBooks Conversion Tool

What things can be converted by using the QuickBooks conversion tool

Also, check how to convert the Accountant’s copy to a regular QuickBooks company file

What things cannot be converted by using the QuickBooks conversion tool

There are a few things that you cannot convert by using this tool. They are 

(Note – Please note that by using the QuickBooks conversion tool, you can only convert variants of Sage 50 and QuickBooks desktop from a similar area).

Why Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

Now, we know that the QuickBooks conversion tool is used for converting other files to QuickBooks company files.

Let’s know about the impressive benefits of the QuickBooks conversion tool

What Are The Minimum System Requirements To Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool? 

If you are willing to use the QuickBooks conversion tool, you should have the following system requirements

If you have all of the system requirements mentioned above, let’s know about the QuickBooks conversion tool download and the process to use that.

Download QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Now, you have the QuickBooks conversion tool on your system and now all you need to convert your file by using this tool. Follow the complete article to know how you can do that.

How To Use QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

Here are the steps mentioned below to convert your files by using the QuickBooks conversion tool. Let’s start converting the files.

QuickBooks Conversion Tool


The QuickBooks conversion tool is one of the most beneficial tools used by QuickBooks users. By using this tool, you don’t have to create your QuickBooks company file once again from scratch. Hope this article helped you in converting your company file by using this tool. Call QuickBooks enterprise support experts for instant assistance for QuickBooks desktop conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What things should one consider before converting MS Excel File to QuickBooks Desktop?

One should make sure to use QuickBooks 2016 or a newer version before converting a file from Microsoft Excel.

How much time does it take to convert a file to QuickBooks Online?

If you are willing to convert a file to QuickBooks online, it can take you something around 30 minutes to complete the whole process.

Should One keep the backup before starting the conversion of the company file?

It is always advised to have a QuickBooks backup before starting the conversion process of the QuickBooks company file as it will help you to review the converted company file and also reduces the risk of file deletion.

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