How to Recover or Reset QuickBooks Desktop Password?

Quite often than not, people forget the password they keep for various accounts and can’t seem to recover it. Thus, the best option they are left with at that point in time is to reset the QuickBooks desktop password for their account. Today, we will focus on the steps you will have to follow if you forget the password for your QuickBooks Desktop account and need to reset it. Mentioned below are the steps for changing passwords for both the Admin account and the User account. 

Steps To Recover or Reset Admin Password for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

reset quickbooks password
reset quickbooks password for user
reset quickbooks password in quickbooks 2020

 You will be able to change the admin password once you have entered the right token code in the prompted window. 

Steps To Recover or Reset Admin Password for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Earlier

reset quickbooks desktop password 2019
token to reset quickbooks password

Steps To Reset User Password in QuickBooks Desktop

Following these steps will help you change or reset both the Admin password or User password if required. 

When QuickBooks Password Reset Do not Work

In case the password reset doesnt work for you, read the information mentioned ahead: 

Contact QuickBooks 24/7 Support for QuickBooks Password Reset Help

In case you need phone support from a QuickBooks expert, call QuickBooks 24/7 support helpline +1888-727-4587 and get instant assistance for a QuickBooks password reset.

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