reset quickbooks password in quickbooks 2020

Recover QuickBooks Desktop Password

How to Recover or Reset QuickBooks Desktop Password?

Quite often than not, people forget the password they keep for various accounts and can’t seem to recover it. Thus, the best option they are left with at that point in time is to reset the QuickBooks desktop password for their account. Today, we will focus on the steps you will have to follow if you forget the password for your QuickBooks Desktop account and need to reset it. Mentioned below are the steps for changing passwords for both the Admin account and the User account. 

Steps To Recover or Reset Admin Password for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

reset quickbooks password
  • The good thing is that you wont have to type in an admin name. 
reset quickbooks password for user
  • Your admin name will either be adminor another name that you have created. 
  • Instead of directly logging-in, select I forgot my password
reset quickbooks password in quickbooks 2020
  • You will be asked to select an email from the dropdown list of multiple emails. The email you select will get a code for verification. 
  • Enter the code you got in your email wherever you are prompted to do so. In case you cant see the message in your email is because it might have gone to the Spam folder. So check your Spam folder carefully as well and mark the message as important so that you dont have to teach for it in the future. 

 You will be able to change the admin password once you have entered the right token code in the prompted window. 

Steps To Recover or Reset Admin Password for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Earlier

  • The first step is the same as what you follow in the Steps for Changing Admin Password for QuickBooks 2020. Enter the admin name and select the forgot password option. 
reset quickbooks desktop password 2019
  • The second step for you would be to fill out all the necessary information that is asked of you. You will have to enter the license number for QuickBooks Desktop version installed on your computer. If you dont know the license number, just press F2 from the login window, and you will find the license number of your software. 
  • Post that, you have to enter your phone number, ZIP code, address, name, and any other information that the software asks you to fill in. If you have forgotten the information for the above fields, you can go and sign in on the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS); it has all the information you are looking for. 
token to reset quickbooks password

  • After filling in the details, select the Ok button. A token code will be sent to the primary email address which you have listed on your CAMPS. Check if the email from the company is not flagged as spam. If it is, for future security, mark it as important. 
  • Once this is done, QuickBooks will take you to a window where you can create a new password. 

Steps To Reset User Password in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Start by signing in as the Admin user. 
  • Go to the company and click on the Set up Users and Passwordsoption. 
  • In case you are asked to enter the admin password again, do it. 
  • You will be able to see a complete list of the users in the company. From there, select the user for which the password needs to be changed. 
  • After you have selected the user, click on the Edit Useroption. 
  • Create and enter the new password for the user and click on Nexttwo times followed by selecting the Finishoption. 

Following these steps will help you change or reset both the Admin password or User password if required. 

When QuickBooks Password Reset Do not Work

In case the password reset doesnt work for you, read the information mentioned ahead: 

  • Cross-check the information you have entered in all the important fields and check if it is accurate against what is mentioned in the CAMPS. 
  • If the error still persists after entering the right information, your best bet would be to use the Automated QuickBooks Password Reset Tool by QuickBooks, which can help you reset your password in a matter of minutes. 
  • In case nothing is working for you and you do not understand something, you can contact the customer service team of QuickBooks and get your matter sorted. 

Contact QuickBooks 24/7 Support for QuickBooks Password Reset Help

In case you need phone support from a QuickBooks expert, call QuickBooks 24/7 support helpline +1888-727-4587 and get instant assistance for a QuickBooks password reset.