In today’s rapidly increasing digital transformation for businesses, efficient software performance is important in managing the business. QuickBooks desktop has topped performance charts among all other accounting software. However, QuickBooks desktop users encounter QuickBooks Error 403 – Access forbidden or Access denied while working on QuickBooks.

What is Error 403 in QuickBooks desktop?

QuickBooks error 403 also known as QuickBooks access denied error or forbidden error is a common hypertext transfer protocol error. When a QuickBooks desktop user is trying to access online services within QuickBooks the request sent by the user to the server gets rejected which leads to error code 403.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 403

There can be several reasons that lead to error code 403, a user must rectify this error in order to resume smooth bookkeeping in QuickBooks. Here is a list of reasons that cause error 403.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 403?

To avoid interruption of online services in QuickBooks desktop, here are easy methods to fix QuickBooks error 403 – access denied or forbidden.

Update QuickBooks desktop

Here is how to update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release.

  1. Locate Help in the menu and click Update QuickBooks
  2. Go to the Update Now window
  3.  Select all the updates that you want to download and select Get Updates

Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

If your QuickBooks desktop crashes suddenly and starts behaving erratically, use the Quick Fix My Program tool within QuickBooks Tool Hub. QuickBooks desktop updates are crucial for maintaining optimal performance, health, and security.

Configure Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer

QuickBooks desktop uses the browser to sync data or send/receive requests. Configure your default browser proxy settings to allow QuickBooks desktop to exchange information online. Here is how to configure proxy settings for Internet Explorer. Usually, the proxy configuration is the same for all the browsers.

Review User Roles & Permissions

Ensure to check the user permissions which is logged in to QuickBooks desktop. Here is how you can create and manage user roles and permissions in QuickBooks desktop. Ensure the online services access is checked for the particular QuickBooks desktop user.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support

By understanding the root cause and solution for error code 403. The above-mentioned methods are an easy fix for QuickBooks error 403 – access forbidden or access denied. In case, if you are unable to fix error code 403. Reach out to our QuickBooks desktop support team on our premium QuickBooks support phone number mentioned above.


What type of error is QuickBooks error 403?

QuickBooks error 403 also known as QuickBooks access denied or forbidden error is a common HTTP request error in QuickBooks desktop.

How to fix error 403 in QuickBooks Desktop Pro?

Configure default browser proxy settings and review user roles and permissions in QuickBooks desktop to repair error 403 in QuickBooks.

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