In QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise when users go for their Payroll submission requests, a very common QuickBooks desktop payroll error appears to get stuck on your Payroll window. QuickBooks error 557 is usually encountered with a warning message stating “Error Code 557 – Payroll setup information for the account couldn’t be saved” This error code can also be encountered while updating your QuickBooks desktop payroll or tax table updates.

In this article, we will assist you with the root cause and simple steps to fix QuickBooks error 557 which occurs during payroll submission that includes all the information about the employees. Some appearances of the error in QuickBooks Desktop payroll can be like “Payroll Error 557 – We’re having a problem verifying your account status. Contact Us for help resolving the issue”

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 557?

QuickBooks error code 557 is a very common error in QuickBooks Desktop 2023, which affects the processing of payroll in QuickBooks. This ugly error code can appear while payroll processing or getting payroll updates. The most common cause of QuickBooks error 557 is that the QuickBooks desktop payroll subscription is inactive or lapsed.

quickbooks error 557

But there can also be other reasons for this disruptive error code such as misconfiguration in payroll setup or inaccuracy in employee details.

You can also get in touch with our certified professional who will resolve QuickBooks error 557 for you in less than 30 minutes without hampering your business hours. Just dial the Quickbooks error support number +1888-727-4587 mentioned above and get an immediate fix for this error code from the QuickBooks desktop technician.

Causes of Payroll Error 557

QuickBooks Desktop is a vast application with numerous features that need ideal implementation and configuration. There can be a number of reasons that can lead to QuickBooks error 557.

Here are the causes of QuickBooks error 557:-

  1. Your QuickBooks desktop payroll or enhanced payroll subscription is inactive or expired.
  2. QuickBooks Installation files are corrupted or missing.
  3. Misconfiguration of QuickBooks desktop user roles and permissions.
  4. QuickBooks Payroll or tax tables are not up to date.
  5. Windows registry files are corrupted or missing.

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 557

With a number of users reporting error code 557 to use we have aligned and noted solutions in order to resolve payroll error code 557 easily. Starting with the most common cause, you will see the steps to repair error 557 below. Remember to back up your QuickBooks data before applying any troubleshooting steps.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll or Enhanced Payroll Subscription is Expired

When your subscriptions is inactive or lapsed you get across QuickBooks error 557 while submitting or managing your payroll. You need to re-activate your QuickBooks subscription.

Follow the steps below:-

Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon and click on Run as an Administrator.

Login to your QuickBooks company file.

Navigate to the top menu bar and click on employees.

Hover to My Payroll Service and then account billing information.

QuickBooks Error 557

You will be redirected to your private browser with a sign-in page for customer access & management portal and you need to log in to your QuickBooks desktop account.

On the QuickBooks account dashboard, click on manage product or service.

Under Products & Services click on the Desktop Payroll Subscription option.

If the status of the subscription shows under the blue toolbar and says the subscription status is canceled or expired. Your QuickBooks desktop payroll or enhanced payroll subscription is expired or canceled.

Click on the Resubscribe button under the blue toolbar.

Enter all the necessary information in the Reactivate Subscription areas. Select save and then continue.

Click on Reactivate in the billing and subscription window.

Re-activation fees will be deducted and you will see a message stating your subscription is active in green.

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Repair QuickBooks Files

It is noted that QuickBooks error 557 can also appear due to missing or corrupted QuickBooks desktop installation or registry files. Here is how you can fix error 557 while using payroll.

Download and Install the QuickBooks tool hub

QuickBooks install diagnostic tool in the tool hub efficiently repairs QuickBooks installation and registry files automatically. You can navigate to the diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks tool hub launch pad.

Here are the simple steps to download and use the QuickBooks tool hub to fix payroll error code 557.

Run file QuickBookstoolhub.exe

Choose on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

quickbooks install diagnostic tool

Locate the QuickBooks tool hub from the search bar.

Launch Tool Hub.

quickbooks install diagnostic tool download

Click on Installation Issues.

Select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

use quickbooks install diagnostic tool

Click on Proceed to run the scan.

Allow the tool to run & restart your system after the scan is finished.

Now try processing your payroll again and check if you are getting error 557. If yes then you can also fix the installation error manually. Also, you can reach out to QuickBooks desktop experts for help on the toll-free helpline or live chat support box.

Manage QuickBooks Desktop User Permissions

Manage and configure QuickBooks user roles and permissions if you are using QuickBooks desktop in multi-user mode. Ensure the user you are logged in to process payroll for the employees has permission to do so. You can easily edit their using using the steps below.

quickbooks error 557 payroll

Update QuickBooks Payroll & Tax Tables

Download the latest QuickBooks Payroll & tax table updates.

Here is how to do it step by step:-

Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon and click on Run as an Administrator.

Login to your QuickBooks company file.

Navigate to the top menu bar and click on employees.

quickbooks error 557 in desktop payroll

Hover and click on Payroll Updates.

If you want to get tax table updates as well check the box that says download the entire update.

Contact QuickBooks Payroll Support

We have fixed QuickBooks error 557 for more than 1500+ QuickBooks desktop users. In this comprehensive guide, the solution above works perfectly to repair and get rid of error code 557 in the QuickBooks desktop payroll. In case you need technical assistance or are unable to repair QuickBooks error 557. Get in touch with our 24×7 assistance helpline mentioned above or click on the chat support box to get immediate help from the QuickBooks desktop payroll support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 557?

QuickBooks Payroll Error 557 is a common issue that can occur during payroll processing. It often stems from problems with your data files or subscription conflicts with Intuit CAMPS.

Can you fix QuickBooks error 557 on your own?

Yes, QuickBooks error code 557 can be easily fixed by using troubleshooting steps from a reliable and trusted source containing QuickBooks self-help knowledgebase.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 557 automatically?

Download and Install the QuickBooks tool hub to repair error code 557 in the desktop payroll using the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.

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