In the solution article, we will talk about how one user can repair QuickBooks issues related to saving, mailing & printing pdf. If you come across print & PDF issues in QuickBooks desktop then you are at the right place. There are many users who face printing issues while running the QuickBooks desktop. In most situations, the QuickBooks Print repair tool can fix errors easily but some errors need to be repaired manually.

Scenarios of Print & PDF Problems in QuickBooks Fixed by QuickBooks Print Repair Tool

There can be various causes of printing issues. As it might be related to your QuickBooks program or printer configuration. In detail, the scenarios that QuickBooks users come across of QuickBooks Print & PDF issues can be:-

Repair/Troubleshoot Print & PDF issues in QuickBooks Desktop (Latest/Updated Solutions)

Due to various causes, print & pdf issues can be resolved using different solutions that apply according to the cause. Before you start troubleshooting ensure that a few things like:-

Below mentioned are the best 5 ways or solutions to repair pdf and print errors in QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks Print Repair Tool to Repair Print & PDF problems

QuickBooks Print and Pdf repair tool

Solution 2: Verify If you can print to your XPS (in Save as PDF & Email issues scenario)

QuickBooks desktop uses Microsoft XPS Document writer to save as pdf. Verify that you can print it to your XPS. Follow these steps:-

If you cannot print to an XPS printer then you may need to contact a professional QuickBooks expert to resolve this issue.

Solution 3: Check if your Printer is working & there is no issue with printing outside QuickBooks

If you are facing printing issues in QuickBooks before you troubleshoot inside QuickBooks ensure that your printer is working correctly. Below mentioned steps will verify that your printer is configured correctly with your computer.

Confirm if the printer is printing

If your printer can’t print outside QuickBooks. Configure your printer settings within your computer. If you are connected to a printer on a network, contact IT support or QuickBooks error support experts at +1888-727-4587.

  1. Power flea your printer (Hold the power button for 10-15sec)
  2. Ensure your printer has pages to print
  3. Go to Start and click on the Control panel
  4. Click on Printers & Faxes
  5. If the printer from which you want to print shows offline, Right-click on the printer and choose Use Printer Online
  6. Cancel all print jobs lined up for printing
  7. Right-click on Printer > properties > click on print test page

Solution 4: Check if you are using the correct Printer to Print in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks printer setup

print pdf issues in QuickBooks

If the correct printer is selected and still the issue persists, then contact a QuickBooks Desktop Support expert to resolve printer issues. As the issue can be with the Printer not configured properly, Printer drivers not updated, or another technical task that would require technical supervision.

Solution 5: Verify, Re-Install & Configure XPS Document Writer

Verify the XPS Document writer is enabled. Ensure that XPS Services and XPS viewer option is enabled in your computer settings. If both options are not enabled QuickBooks won’t be able to print or save as a pdf.

If both the services are enabled and the printer can still not print, Contact IT professional or QuickBooks technical support expert for further troubleshooting or re-install the Document writer.

Re-Install XPS Document writer

Configure XPS Document Writer

Make sure that the windows user has all the permissions to print. If the user does not have permission QuickBooks won’t be able to print or save pdf. Use these steps to configure permissions or run QuickBooks as an administrator.

Contact a QuickBooks Professional to repair print & pdf issues in QuickBooks

If the above-provided troubleshooting steps don’t help you repair print & pdf problems in QuickBooks Desktop. Reach out to our QuickBooks 24/7 support specialists toll-free at +1888-727-4587. We will rectify the error and provide you with the correct resolution within a short time period.