What is QuickBooks Error 3170?

QuickBooks, a software that has made the once difficult-looking operations quick, convenient and economic. The software developed by INTUIT has made meeting the accounting and financial needs of businesses more hassle-free than ever. In this support article, we will learn how to fix QuickBooks Error 3170.

The error message says “Error: Updating of item ‘Service/Labor’ in QuickBooks failed. Export canceled.

Details: Error Code: 3170 Severity: Error

Description: There was an error when modifying an Item service. Cannot use SalesAndPurchasMode aggregate when the item is not reimbursable.

QuickBooks Error 3170

But the software does carry out errors sometimes on different stages and the article today is about one such error, the error 3170. 

This error code falls under the 3000 error code series. Usually, the error takes place when a similar name between QB point of sale and QuickBooks Desktop prevails.

When the above image appears, it represents QuickBooks error 3170. Before learning about the steps to troubleshoot, it is very important to understand how and why does such error takes places in the first place.

Learning the cause will make it easier to learn about the troubleshooting steps. There are a number of reasons for this error occurrence which are as follows-

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 3170?

Steps For Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 3170 

 After understanding what is status error 3170 and how and why it occurs, now the main objective of the article is here which is how to tackle the error. Given below are the solutions to rectify the error 

Solution 1: Carefully inspect or examine the Point Of Sale (POS) as “Activity Log” under the point of sale.

Solution2: The explanation given above is when a user has seen an error code before the error contains the name of the client/vendor.

If no changes are shown then it is suggested to follow the additional method as explained below

Solution 3: Edit the names of vendor/client under the QuickBooks Desktop screen

To perform the above-mentioned task 

 Solution 4: In this step, you have to merge all the edited names and also the newly added name using the QuickBooks Desktop software that user-created by QuickBooks financial exchange.

Follow the steps given below to do so

This support article above will let resolve QuickBooks error 3170 by you as our QuickBooks error support experts have thrown light on all the aspects of this error along with the troubleshooting.

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