What is QuickBooks Inventory Tracking?

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software out there that comes with inventory tracking features. Though the software can check inventory seamlessly by using this QuickBooks Inventory Tracking, by default, this is disabled. If you enable the QuickBooks Inventory Tracking feature, besides tracking inventory, you will also be able to get alerts while reordering and creating purchase orders.

How to enable, add, edit & create QuickBooks Inventory Tracking

As a QuickBooks user, you can enable, edit, add, and create inventory tracking in QuickBooks Desktop easily. In this 101 guide learn everything you need to know about setting up QuickBooks Inventory Tracking.

What Are The Features Of The QuickBooks Inventory? 

QuickBooks inventory comes with several unique and beneficial features. The following are some of the key characteristics.

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What Are The Inventory Items That Can Be Tracked? 

With QuickBooks inventory tracking, you can check several items.

Inventories items

These items you purchase or sell and need to keep a check record of.

Non-inventory items

These are the items that are not usually tracked. You purchase or sell these items but don’t track the record. For instance, you don’t keep track of the bolts you use for installation.


These are the survives you provide to your customers. 


This includes a collection of the products or services that you usually sell together with QuickBooks inventory tracking, and you can now track all of these items seamlessly.

Enable QuickBooks Inventory Tracking

QuickBooks inventory tracking is one of the most beneficial features of Quickbooks, but it is also disabled by default. So, you have to enable it. If you are willing to enable QuickBooks inventory tracking, follow the steps mentioned below.

Enable Inventory Tracking By Quantity On Hand.

image 7

Now you have enabled inventory and now you have to create your QuickBooks inventory tracking by selecting the product type. Keep following the next step of the article

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Create Inventory Tracking Items

QuickBooks Inventory Tracking

You have to keep a record of inventory items and other products and services that you sold. Follow the steps given below to create inventory items

image 10

Add Inventory Items to Products and Services

Now you have to add the inventory items to products and services that will allow you to see all your products and services with all essential information. Follow the steps mentioned below for doing that.

QuickBooks Inventory Tracking

(Note– leave it unchecked if you don’t sell them)

(Note– if you have variable rates, leave that section blank).

(Note– if you are willing to add a new account, go to the top of that drop-down menu and click +Add new.)

Edit Products and Services 

You can edit the products or services as an individual or as a group. Both methods are mentioned below.

Edit Individual Products Or Services

Edit By Batch

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

With QuickBooks, tracking inventory is now easy and one can do that by simply following a few steps to keep a record of essentials. Hope this article was helpful to you and you have succeeded in enabling, creating, adding, or editing inventory on QuickBooks. If you need any assistance contact QuickBooks enterprise support experts at +1888-727-4587.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name A Few Things That One Should Consider Before Tracking Inventory On QuickBooks

One should consider Inventory valuation detail, Inventory Valuation Summary, Physical Inventory Worksheet, Sales by Product/Service Summary, Sales by Product/Service Detail, and Purchases by Product/Service Detail before tracking inventory on QuickBooks.

What Is The Adjustment Account For Inventory Adjustment? 

It is a special income statement account that reveals the company’s goods sold. It is one of the accounts that are carried forward to the company’s income statement and has importance.

What Can Things Be Changed With An Inventory Correction?

One can change only the value of the item, only the quantity of the item, or both of them in the correction.

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