How Do I Correct a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks?

A sales receipt records a transaction that has been paid in cash, cheque, or through a credit card when goods or services were rendered. Sometimes, you may end up making a mistake in the sales receipt, like choosing the wrong item or quantity or the amount charged for the product or service. To correct these mistakes, you must edit the sales receipt.

To correct a sales receipt in QuickBooks Desktop that has been deposited, you must temporarily remove it from a deposit to make the corrections and then put it back into the original deposit.

how do i correct sales receipt in QuickBooks

Step 1: Remove the sales receipt from the deposits section

Step 2: Correct the sales receipt

Step 3: Put the corrected sales receipt back to the deposits

In the QuickBooks Online app, you can edit the sales receipt using the GoPayment app. You can make changes to parts of the sales receipt that do not affect the charge or payment. These include the date, reference number, and memo.

Editing sales receipts in QuickBooks for which payments were made using the online Payment app can be a problem when it comes to correcting customer fields in the sales receipt. The system will not allow you to make changes to customer fields like changing the item quantity or the rate or the amount charged for the transaction. Since these sales cannot be edited, you have three ways to solve the problem of an incorrect sales receipt in this situation.

Scenario 1: If the incorrect sales receipt is noticed immediately and the customer is still present, then the receipt can be voided immediately and you can process the payment with the customer’s credit once again. By voiding the transaction, the previous payment will not be processed, and the customer will receive any payment charged on the credit card.

Follow these steps to void a transaction:

Scenario 2: If the incorrect sales receipt is noticed after the customer is left and you have the customer’s contact information, then you can still void the transaction if it has not been processed and call the customer back to charge their credit card. Alternatively, you may have to refund the sales receipt and create a new sales receipt by calling the customers and asking for the payment details.

Scenario 3: If the incorrect sales receipt is noticed after the customer left and you do not have the customer’s contact details, then you can offset the items in the incorrect sales receipt using a credit memo.  Then create a new sales receipt to apply the corrections.

These are some of the best ways in which you can correct errors in a sales receipt in QuickBooks. If you find this to be a problem or you get stuck in any of the steps, then you must talk to a QuickBooks 24/7 support phone number agent for step-by-step guidance.

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