Fix Tag Printer Issues In QuickBooks Desktop

troubleshoot tag printer issues in QuickBooks point of sale

Are you having trouble with your Tag Printer? There are QuickBooks tag printer issues and errors that you might encounter. These steps will help you get back to printing tags easily.

The common Tag Printer errors are-

Tag Printing issues or errors in QuickBooks might occur due to the following reasons-

How to Troubleshoot Tag Printer Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1: Ensure the printer is turned ON, the paper is available and cables are properly connected

Method 2: Configure QuickBooks desktop Point of sale preferences

tag printer errors quickbooks pos

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Method 3: To check if the printer is available online and if its related queue is vacant or empty

Select Windows Start and then choose the Control panel. Now select Device and printers. Then right-click the printer that is showing an error. If the Use printer Online option is available, select it to bring your printer back online.

Method 4: To check the Printer properties and make sure that the appropriate USB Port is selected

tag printer pos issues quickbooks
tag printer issues in QuickBooks desktop

If the USB port is not available then try connecting the Printer to another USB port and repeat the above steps.

If you still have a problem connecting the printer after trying ll the USB port, then the following issues exit-

Method 5: Print a Windows test page

tag printer errors in quickbooks pos

If the test page is printed successfully then open QuickBooks desktop POS and try printing the tag.

If the test page is not printed, cancel all the documents to the printer and then restart windows.

The properties window of the Zebra LP2824 printer should be closed.

Method 6: Bypassing the windows print spooling process

tag printer issues in quickbooks pos

Open the Printer windows and then right-click on the printer and then select printer properties. Now select the Advanced tab and choose print directly to the printer and then select OK.  

Method 7: Reinstall the printer drivers 

Open the Printer windows and then right-click on the printer and then choose Remove device. Now reboot the computer and this will automatically allow windows to reinstall it.

Then follow the step-by-step Zebra printer installation instructions and try reinstalling the printer manually. 

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts To Fix Tag Printer Issues in QuickBooks

By following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, users can fix QuickBooks tag printer errors easily. In case of professional guidance, talk to our QuickBooks support expert to fix tag printer issues in QuickBooks. Contact QuickBooks support phone number +1888-727-4587 and get instant help for QuickBooks desktop-related issues.

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