What is QuickBooks Error: Server Busy?

QuickBooks provides various features to work in a collective environment to reduce the time and resources spent in managing the books. These features require certain updates and the exchange of data using a network. When QuickBooks desktop exchanges data in a Network in order to install an update or exchange data with another user. An ugly QuickBooks error server busy pops out on the QuickBooks desktop.

What is QuickBooks Server Busy Error?

A Server Busy message may appear if QuickBooks is unable to complete the data exchange process. There can be a number of causes of this error message. In a multi-user scenario, If you get a server busy error in QuickBooks then it means that the company file is in use by another user. Server Busy error occurs when your computer is unable to communicate with the application server.

High requests and responses in the application server may also lead to Server busy warning. QuickBooks Server Busy Error Appears to users as:

QuickBooks error server busy

Error: Server Busy. This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ‘Switch To’ to activate the busy program and correct the problem

Causes of QuickBooks Error: Server Busy

QuickBooks Error: Server busy can occur due to a various number of reasons, some of the causes are mentioned below:

  1. Your system does not have enough memory to run the application
  2. QuickBooks is conflicting with other applications installed on your computer
  3. Security Firewall is blocking the application to exchange data in a network
  4. The company file is in use by another user (In QuickBooks Multi-user Mode)
  5. QuickBooks was not shut down properly when you used it the last time
  6. User profiles are conflicting with each other due to country differences in the User profile location
  7. A third-party security application is blocking QuickBooks to communicate with an application server
  8. Your windows are updating in the background
  9. There is a conflict between QuickBooks update manager and other computer application
  10. Older QuickBooks desktop versions like QuickBooks 2010, QuickBooks 2011, QuickBooks 2012, etc are discontinued by Intuit

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Server Busy Error (Step by Step)

quickbooks server busy error

Repair QuickBooks Desktop in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & Windows 10

Note down the QuickBooks server busy error you see on the screen and report it to QuickBooks error support to get updated solutions by Intuit QuickBooks experts to repair various QuickBooks desktop errors like Server busy.

Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool / QuickBooks Component Repair Tool Working Explained

  1. Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  2. Save the File when prompted
  3. Run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to detect errors in your QuickBooks
  4. Make sure QuickBooks and all background applications are closed
  5. Tool Installation time depends upon system configuration and performance
  6. Restart the computer after installation of the Quickbooks diagnostic tool to ensure correct installation
  7. You need to re-register or reactivate your QuickBooks after installing this QuickBooks component repair tool

Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QBinstall Tool: Download Link


End all running applications to avoid server busy error

Manually Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

  1. Go to Download and Updates Pages
  2. Select the Product you i.e. QuickBooks Pro, Premier, etc
  3. Select the Version i.e. QuickBooks Pro 2018, QuickBooks Premier 2018, etc
  4. Search and Select Get Latest Updates, then click on Save to download the Updates
  5. Install Updates and Restart the computer
  6. If you have an active Payroll Subscription, Install Updates from the download center.

End running QuickBooks Services in Task Manager

 qbdagent2001.exe axlbridge.exeqbpsevnt09r.exe
qbdagent2002.exeqbupdate.exe qbpsevnt10r.exe 

Remove the QuickBooks Update agent showing QuickBooks Server Busy error message from your system

If ProSeries is installed on your system

Perform these steps under supervised guidance of local IT or QuickBooks expert to resolve Server busy error in Quickbooks

  1. If you are running QuickBooks on a network then restart your system and reestablish your connection with your mapped drives
  2. In case of a Security application blocking the Quickbooks update agent. Add QuickBooks to the exception list of your security application.
  3. Get help from the network admin to check if any scan or sharing process is active on your network if yes then it may be the cause of the server busy error in QuickBooks. Let the scan complete or stop the process to get the QuickBooks server busy error to normal.
  4. Start Windows in safe mode and start your QuickBooks then restart your system in normal mode.
  5. Run QuickBooks in Windows Selective startup mode

Contact QuickBooks Professionals

Get rid of QuickBooks Error Server Busy with the help of QuickBooks desktop support. Get in touch with QuickBooks support experts and get secure remote support. Call our QuickBooks error support phone number to reach out to a QuickBooks desktop expert.

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