QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006 has been encountered by many users recently while creating, opening, or working on a company file. The warning message says that there is an error while creating, opening, or using a company file, contact QuickBooks technical support, and provide them with the following error codes i.e. -6150, -1006.

QuickBooks Error -6150, -1006

Root Causes for QuickBooks error Code -6150, -1006 are :

In the case of the Crytowall Virus, only the QuickBooks data services team can repair it, contact them directly on the toll-free helpline number mentioned above.

There may be another reason which may have caused QuickBooks error 6150, 1006, here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you can try.

Recover your QuickBooks company file by using QuickBooks Auto data recovery

Restore a backup of your company file from your Local backup

Most users are recommended to get this QuickBooks error resolved by a QuickBooks expert or ProAdvisor and contact QuickBooks support to go through a hassle-free fixation.

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