QuickBooks has positioned itself as one of the simplest and most comprehensive accounting software for small and medium-scale businesses. Advanced features like inventory management, QuickBooks payroll services, and more streamlines the accounting process for businesses for better control and profitability. Sometimes there are specific errors that users face while working on the payroll services. One such error code is QuickBooks Error 12031.

The error appears when users try to update the QuickBooks payroll service. QuickBooks Error 12031 comes under the minor error list. However, it must be resolved at the earliest to avoid any future complications.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 12031?

The major cause of QuickBooks Error 12031 is the network timeout that blocks the communication between QuickBooks and the server. Usually due to a network problem in QuickBooks users face this error code 12031.

Some of the other causes of QuickBooks error 12031 are:

Things to Consider While Fixing QuickBooks Error 12031

While fixing the QuickBooks error 12031, you must ensure the following points: 

Solutions to Repair QuickBooks Error 12031

QuickBooks error 12031 can be fixed in multiple ways. You must implement the fixation methods one at a time to solve the error. These fixes are easy to implement and do not require technical knowledge. The different solutions to fix QuickBooks error 12031 are mentioned below:

Configure Internet Explorer Settings

To configure internet explorer settings, follow the steps below:

QuickBooks Error 12031
QuickBooks Error 12031

If the error still exists, follow the next method.

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Check Internet Connectivity

To check internet connectivity, follow the point below:

QuickBooks Error 12031

Restart QuickBooks and check for the error. If the error persists on the screen, follow the next method.

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Check For Advanced Internet Settings in QuickBooks Internet Connection Setup

If the error appears while updating the payroll service, follow the points below to resolve the error.

Reopen QuickBooks and check for the error 12031. If the error still pops on the screen, try the following method.

Credit Access to QuickBooks From Firewall Blocking

To remove QuickBooks from Firewall’s blocked application list, follow the points stated below:

QuickBooks Error 12031

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

If the error appears after trying all the methods mentioned above, you must get in touch with the QuickBooks error support team at +1888-727-4587 and describe the issue in detail. The support team offers technical assistance 24/7 to QuickBooks users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Error 12031?

QuickBooks Error 12031 occurs when users try to update the payroll service, and network issues create hindrances in the process.

Under Which Code Series is the Error Related?

QuickBooks error 12031 is related to the -12000 code series error.

Is backing data important before fixing the error 12031?

Yes, you should back up your company file to avoid any data loss while fixing the error code 12031.

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