The full-fledged accounting software QuickBooks is becoming the beloved accounting suite for small and medium-scale businesses to manage their accounting transactions. With features like automated invoicing, inventory management, and more, businesses can track crucial pointers of the business and predict future growth. However, just like other software, QuickBooks is not free from errors. While opening the software, users might have witnessed the error that states QuickBooks Internet Explorer turned off and it needs to work properly. In this article, we will detail the causes of error and fixation methods to avoid any hassle.

Major Causes of QuickBooks Internet Explorer Error

There are certain causes that led to the QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off Error. If you are aware of the causes of the error, the troubleshooting methods will be hassle-free.

Some of the major causes of QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned off error are:

Snapshot of QuickBooks Internet Explorer Error

QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off

These are the major causes that are linked with the QuickBooks Internet Explorer error. Even though Internet Explorer is turned off in Windows, QuickBooks requires the browser for various purposes. In the next section, we will list all the possible solutions that you can use to fix the error.

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off Error

If you encounter the QuickBooks Internet Explorer error, you must immediately resort to various solutions to fix the issue earliest and avoid any complications.

It is not necessary to try all the fixation methods. However, you must try them in chronological order and check if the error is resolved or not. Here are some solutions to fix the QuickBooks Internet Explorer error.

Update Internet Explorer

QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off Error

As we mentioned earlier, using an outdated version of Internet Explorer is one of the major causes of the error. Since the updated versions are better compatible with various software, QuickBooks also requires updated Internet Explorer for better functioning.

To update the Internet Explorer on your Windows system, follow the steps below:

It is advised that you must reboot your computer to implement the necessary changes. If the error still remains after updating Internet Explorer, try the next method.

Remove and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off Error

To remove QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps below:

Fresh QuickBooks Installation

Once you have removed the software, follow the further steps to reinstall the software on your system

If the error still appears, follow the next method.

Turn Windows Feature On or Off

Before turning the Windows feature on or off from the Control Panel, you need to reinstall Internet Explorer. You can visit the webpage of Microsoft to download the latest version of the browser.

Follow all the instructions and finish the installation process. Once the browser is reinstalled, you need to turn it on to make it accessible with QuickBooks desktop.

Fix QuickBooks Internet Explorer Turned Off Error

Contact QuickBooks Error Support

After completing both steps, restart your computer to make the necessary changes. If none of the solutions works, you must directly contact QuickBooks error support at +1888-727-4587 and discuss the issue in detail. The support team of QuickBooks offers 24/7 technical assistance to users for a hassle-free experience.

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