1. Switch off the Quickbooks Point of Sale workstation.
  2. Reboot the server
  3. After the server reboot is complete, reboot the client workstation
  4. Start QuickBooks Point of Sale on the client workstation and now it should connect to the QuickBooks POS database file on the server automatically

In QuickBooks Point of Sale, this error code is also known as Error Code 176109.  This error sometimes appears when you upgrade your Point of Sale or when you are adding more users. This error can occur if you have inserted an incorrect product key,  you can verify your product key by going to help and about POS on your software, after verifying the product key if the problem still persists then please contact QuickBooks point of sale support or call QuickBooks support phone number because the culprit of this error can be your database file which is damaged.

Tracking Promotions

In QuickBooks POS you can track and report on sales but at sometimes point of sales systems fail to do this properly and in this case you have to contact QuickBooks support so that they can acknowledge you about you meets that are required at that point of time, QuickBooks help phone number is 247 QuickBooks customer service phone number which will guide you through all process.

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