QuickBooks Error 12045 – Desktop Update Error

When the user is trying to update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. QuickBooks Error 12045 pops up on the screen stating “failed to download the update: Error 12045. QuickBooks error 12045 is a common QuickBooks desktop update error. There can be various reasons for the cause of this error. QuickBooks desktop update errors can appear as various specific error codes:

Why does QuickBooks Error 12045 Occur?

QuickBooks error 12045

There are different root causes of error 12045. Some of them are mentioned below:

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12045?

There are different troubleshooting steps in order to resolve QuickBooks update error 12045. For information on specific errors, get in touch with the technical support executive. Perform the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps for error 12045.

Solution 1: Check Date & Time on Computer to Resolve error 12045

Solution 2: Change Internet Connection Settings to Resolve Desktop Update Error 12045

Solution 3: Configure Firewall Settings to ensure QuickBooks Update

Make sure in your firewall settings, Port 80 & Port 443 are enabled. Access is provided to QuickBooks files:

If you are not aware of how to configure firewall security settings in your system. Get in touch with a support representative.

Contact QuickBooks Support To Resolve QuickBooks Error 12045

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve the error 12045. Get in touch with QuickBooks error 12045 and get an instant resolution with the help of a QuickBooks expert. Dial QuickBooks error support phone number +1888-727-4587 for secure remote support.

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