QuickBooks error C=88 (Unable to read one or more data trees in the file)

Occasionally, you might come across a malefic error message or an unexpected error message similar to these:

## R# (M=1153, L=133, C=88, V=28 (FFFFFFF4))

“C-errors” errors, classic structure errors, logical errors, and data errors, appear in the QBWin.log in the above format. Due to the major improvements made in QuickBooks, and the enhanced quality of Alpha/Beta testing linked with most releases, “C-errors” are far rarer in the newer versions of the software, than in the older versions.

QuickBooks Error Code C=88 mostly occurs while, either you are working on QuickBooks Software or authenticating data within the company file and there happens to be some kind of data problem. Under a few circumstances, the QuickBooks Error C=88 error occurs repeatedly in the exact same program location or function and is capable of repetition.

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Causes of QuickBooks Error Code C=88

To be fair, there can be numerous reasons why this error occurs, but in major cases, it occurs because:

QuickBooks Error C=88 – Why is it happening?  Corrupted or damaged data file

In some scenarios, QuickBooks is unable to figure out what is to be done with a corrupted or damaged transaction. The C=88 error will occur in a similar location and function, and it can also be reproduced. Common causes of corrupted/damaged data are:

Low resources:

QuickBooks was unable to contact the data file. Computer and network resources that might cause this issue include:

Extensive usage of several workstations can cause a temporary shortage of resources. If it is not possible to replicate the error, then probably low resources are the cause.

Please note, that persistent low system resources are a possible cause of data damage. If you are experiencing low resources, please upgrade your system or network to prevent further data damage in the future.

How to Repair QuickBooks Error C=88:

The appropriate course of action for C=88 error messages depends on the cause of the error:

Data damage:

Low resources

It is possible that you can resolve the error immediately by restarting your workstations and your server, but to be honest, this would be a temporary solution.

The following suggestions might help prevent possible future data damage due to low resources on your system or the network:

Contact QuickBooks Experts to fix QuickBooks Error C88

These solutions are ought to solve the error, to avoid the errors in the first place you can upgrade your computer system, and replace it with a compatible RAM to run QuickBooks software.

Upgrading your workstation, and keeping it accordingly will help you in getting rid of so many other issues and errors as well. If that doesn’t help, our ProAdvisors are 24*7 available through phone calls, and emails, and you can also directly contact our QuickBooks error support team at +1888-727-4587.

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