How to Create & File 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop

As a vendor or company owner, you become eligible for a variety of taxes and liabilities. And though there are numerous things and taxes to talk about, we are going to talk about 1099, which is an essential thing to consider for a company owner, especially if you have workers who are not your employees. QuickBooks 1099 tax is specially meant for vendors and freelance workers. So, if you are involved in any such business where you need to fill the 1099-MISC tax, you should be well aware of the tax, its preparation, and filing.

So, let’s get started to dig deeper to file the tax through QuickBooks.

What is 1099?

quickbooks 1099 efile

1099-MIsc is an information form that is used by the firms that report the payment to the non-employees. That means, if you have side-firms and deal with vendors, this form will be an essential thing for you to consider.

You can manually fill them by contacting the professionals. However, if you are a QuickBooks user, you can easily prepare and file 1099 without expert help.

Here in the article, we will be talking about how you can prepare form 1099 in detail and file the form with the help of QuickBooks Desktop.

So, if you are not too keen to contact the professionals and pay them the extra fee, we will suggest you invest your time in the article so that you can know about preparing 1099 along with filing the form.

How to get 1099 forms?

If you are planning to file 1099 from an external source, you may have to look for a better source for getting the legit form and filing firm. However, if you are a QuickBooks Desktop user, you should not worry about this.

Before QuickBooks 1099 filing, there are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill.

You can download the 1099-add on if you are using QuickBooks and file the form easily by using the 1099 utility.

So, make sure that you fulfill these prerequisites, and you will be able to file the form without any major difficulty using the QuickBooks Desktop and that too without any expert tax expert’s help.

How to file 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop

Once you have fulfilled the prerequisites, you are now ready to file the information. IF you haven’t done this before and want some help in filing and preparing the information, here’s the step-to-step guide on how to file 1099 with QuickBooks.

Step 1: Enable 1099 filing in QuickBooks

1099 quickbooks filing

enable 1099 quickbooks desktop

1099 quickbooks desktop

Step 2: Add a new Vendor

add vendor to file 1099 quickbooks

vendor center to file 1099 form quickbooks

Step 3: Allow the vendors to file 1099

file 1099 tax quickbooks desktop

Step 4: Changing the preferences

How to e-file the 1099 tax form?

Once you have the data prepared with you, you can now work in two ways. You can either provide this data to your financial advisor or file it all by yourself by using the QuickBooks utility.

We will be talking about filing the tax through QuickBooks. So, let’s get started.

Now once you have checked all the information and prepared yourself to file the information, let’s have a look at the procedure for the QuickBooks E file.

Contact QuickBooks 1099 Form Experts to help you create, prepare & file 1099

In all, if you are a QuickBooks user and were searching for an easy and reliable way to prepare the 1099 form and file it accordingly, you should once try your hands on the QuickBooks 1099 utility.

There are many other hidden benefits along with saving time and money that would have been wasted in contacting a professional, and you can easily know about them, once you go through the procedure. Contact QuickBooks 24/7 Support for help with the 1099 tax form at +1888-727-4587.


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