How to fix Error: PDF viewer not installed on your computer in QuickBooks

While working on QuickBooks Desktop you are unable to view your pdf forms or print them in QuickBooks. You get an error message saying ” Error: You do not have a PDF viewer installed on your computer”

What causes this Error

The root cause of this error is when ADOBE Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer. But there are times when it is still installed and you get the error. Here is what you need to do to get rid of this error.

How to fix Error: PDF Viewer not installView Posted in QuickBooks Desktop

In case you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer. Follow these steps to install it:-

Fix error pdf viewer not installed quickbooks

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If the acrobat reader is already installed on the computer then choose it as a default application to open documents.

How to Set Adobe Reader as your default program to fix QuickBooks pdf viewer error

For OS (Windows 7, 8, & 8.1)

For OS Windows 10

After performing these steps try to check whether you are able to view & print your pdf files in QuickBooks Desktop

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