How to Fix QuickBooks WebConnect Import Errors

QuickBooks has a very popular feature called QBWC (QuickBooks Web Connector) that is extremely useful for desktop users. The web connect feature lets the user connect the desktop version with the remote version of the software. QBWC is a boon for accountants who prefer cloud-based QuickBooks.

Fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Errors

The Web Connector in QuickBooks allows you to add and use web services for free to enable communication between the services. However, users often come across some common QuickBooks Web Connect import errors that might be a little complex for some.  More about the error is discussed below.

What is QuickBooks Web Connect Import Error?

quickbooks webconnect import error

Import errors in QBWC might be triggered while you’re importuning a Web Connect file from the cloud. It might result in an error that says ‘no new transactions’. Such errors may be caused due to a damaged company file and might prevent you from downloading transactions to QuickBooks.

You might also get a QBWC import error if the transactions you’re trying to import have already been imported, or if the .QBO file has no new transactions or new dates.

How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connect ‘No New Transactions’ Error?

Most QuickBooks Web Connect import errors can be easily solved by closing the application, restarting the computer, and opening QuickBooks again. In case this method does not work, given below are a few solutions you can use to get rid of the ‘no new transactions’ error.

Check the Web Connect file to see if the date range is correct. Often, overlapping of dates can cause this error, so ensure that transactions of the same date should not be imported again.

If your date range is not the issue, you should try switching to the Classic Mode.

Sometimes, a corrupt company file can also cause import errors. To see if your company file is causing the issue or not, you need to test it by creating a new company file and importing the transactions in it.

If it still shows the same import error, there might be an issue with the .QBO file. If not, then your original company file might have discrepancies that might be causing the error.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connect Import Error ‘Nothing imported’?

Apart from the ‘no new transactions error’, you might also experience another QBWC import error that says ‘Nothing Imported. Account up to date.’ There are a lot of reasons why this error might pop up, so try the following solutions one by one to see which one works for you.

  1. Manual Input

If the Web Connect file only has a few transactions, you can save time by manually registering them in QuickBooks.

  1. Use a Backup

Most QuickBooks users regularly back up their company files or schedule automatic backups. Restoring a backup that was created before you tried importing the erroneous web connect file might help resolve the problem.

  1. Edit the Web Connect file

You might get an import error if you’re trying to import already-imported transactions. If you want to import them anyway for a one-time workaround, you can edit the account ID that can be found in Web Connect .QBO file.

This should solve the problem. If the errors persist, you might need to do a fresh install of QuickBooks desktop or get help from Customer Support.

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