I Think My QuickBooks Subscription May Have Ran Out

QuickBooks provides users with an option to subscribe to its cloud-based service known as QuickBooks Online. You are billed for QuickBooks on a monthly basis without any contract to continue on a particular price plan for a specified period of time. You can cancel and switch plans at your convenience without having to worry about losing your data or being charged cancellation fees. If you have subscribed to QuickBooks Online and you find yourself not being able to access your Company file any longer, then it is possible that your QuickBooks subscription may have run out. If this happens you will see a message that says, “Your QuickBooks subscription has lapsed”.

QuickBooks Desktop users have access to QuickBooks Online as part of their services.

What happens to my company file and all the data in it if the subscription lapses?

QuickBooks does not delete any of your company data after a subscription expires. You will still be able to renew the subscription and access the data within 365 days from the date when the subscription lapses.

Why did my subscription lapse?

A subscription lapse if the payment information you provided to QuickBooks has changed. Alternatively, you may have canceled the subscription, which will not allow you to access your QuickBooks account data any longer. You can download your company data before canceling the subscription. If none of these are the reason for your subscription lapse, then QuickBooks is showing the message in error and you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

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Check your internet connection

If you have a problem with the internet connection then you must resolve the problem before troubleshooting further. A subscription error may be caused if your internet is not working properly. Check with your service provider if your internet services are down or use a wired connection if the Wi-Fi is not working. Once the internet connection is back on, check if the subscription error is resolved.

Check and update your billing information

The first step is to check the billing information to make sure that the problem does not arise because of the method of payment.

This should help you solve the subscription error.

Install QuickBooks Updates

If you subscribe to online services on QuickBooks Desktop, then a subscription error may occur if you do not have the latest updates of QuickBooks installed on your computer. Since updates fix known problems and bugs in the program, it is ideal to keep your software updated at all times. To update QuickBooks follow these steps:

Check if this resolves your problem.

Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is a part of the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which is a compilation of tools by QuickBooks. It is intended to help QuickBooks users easily solve common problems and known errors with little or no troubleshooting.

Restore your product and license file

QuickBooks Desktop stores the product and QuickBooks license information of your QuickBooks file. You can restore the file if you face problems like the QuickBooks subscription error. You must have your product and license information before you proceed. Without these details, you will not be able to register the product again.

C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8

C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6

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Contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts

These are some of the most common solutions through which subscription errors have been resolved. If you still find a problem using QuickBooks or your subscription problem has not been resolved using the above steps, then you must contact a QuickBooks expert who can help you further with troubleshooting the problem and resolving the error.

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