Store Exchange in QuickBooks Point of Sale POS

Store Exchange is an important feature in QuickBooks POS. Here, we are going to talk all about the QuickBooks POS Store Exchange so that you can easily know what it does. Also how important it is to use for your business.

QuickBooks Store Exchange: What is it?

Before digging into the procedure of how the store exchange occurs, let’s discuss what the Store Exchange in POS actually means. So, in the simplest words, the Store Exchange in POS means the transfer of data between your headquarters and Remote stores.

There is a wide range of data like the product deals, rates, and others that you need to convey with the remote stores, and this is where the feature comes into the picture.

Apart from being fairly easy to use, the process is extremely reliable. So, if you use QuickBooks software and are looking for a reliable way to exchange the store information, the first thing that you should try on is the Store Exchange in QuickBooks POS.

Requirements for QuickBooks Store Exchange

There are a few requirements that you need to fulfill in order to use the Store exchange POS.

After this, you can easily use the Store Exchange feature to exchange information without any issues.

Benefits of updating the Store information

We will also recommend you to update your QuickBooks desktop and share the information frequently so that your database is always up to date. This will help you get better information handling and easy usability. Here are a few additional benefits of having a timely information exchange.

Setup & Configure Store Exchange in QuickBooks POS 

The next thing that you should be looking for is how to set up the Store exchange in QuickBooks POS. Here, in this section, we are going to talk about the complete setting procedure for both client and the headquarters machines. So, if you were having any issues setting up the store exchange, we will suggest you read the section and work on the right procedure to set the preferences and set up the machines.

Store Exchange transfers the data between the headquarters and the remote stores in the form of encrypted and compressed mailbags, and it is essential to define the connection with many other important aspects to receive the information at the receiver’s end.

Store exchange consists of two parts Sending files and Receiving files.

Sending Files in QuickBooks POS store exchange

send files in store exchange quickbooks pos

This component is used to create and send files from the headquarters to the sub-stores. The information is sent as mailbags so that they are safer and more reliable to access by authorized personnel only.

Receiving Files in QuickBooks POS Store Exchange

receive files in store exchange quickbooks pos

Here, the mailbags are received and read at the store’s interface. It is extremely important to set up the sub-store information on the headquarters’ machine so that the information can be sent to the right destination without any possibility of error.

In order to configure the Store exchange, you need to work on both the headquarters’ machine and on the store machines to get the best and most reliable results. And here’s how you are going to configure it at both ends.

At the Headquarters End in Store Exchange

Step 1: Set up the number of stores in your company

quickbooks pos store exchange

quickbooks store exchange
store exchange in quickbooks

Step 2: Configuring Store Exchange Preferences

store exchange center quickbooks pos

You can set the preferences for all the above-listed communication methods that are applicable in your company and are feasible for your stores to use.

Step 3: Set Store Headings

You can also set the store heading for your convenience and management. Here are the steps that you will need to follow to set the store heading

How does Store Exchange work in QuickBooks POS

As it is clear from the above sections, the Store exchange needs to send and receive data to proper functioning. Now let’s have a look at the different types of data that can be shared using the Store Exchange. Let’s divide the section into two subsections for a better understanding.

These were a few important pieces of information that you can share from the Store Exchange POS. Along with these, there are numerous other things that you can share by using the Store Exchange POS.

Get QuickBooks POS Store Exchange Help by Point of Sale Experts

In POS, QuickBooks Store Exchange is the simplest and most reliable process to exchange the store information among the sub-stores and headquarters. Just make sure that you have set the right preferences and can be assured of getting flawless results. In case you need guidance & help for store exchange in POS call QuickBooks POS Support experts at +1888-727-4587.

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