File 1099 with QuickBooks Online

The Intuit 1099 E-file service lets you create 1099 and file 1099 online on QuickBooks Online. You can even send a printed copy of 1099 to the contractors without paying anything extra.

Ensure that you file the 1099s on time. It is significant that you prepare the 1099s before you file them, so you know the information you provided is correct.  Here is how you can file 1099 with QuickBooks Online.

file 1099 in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online will prompt you to fill any important information that you have missed to fill.

Once you have prepared the 1099s, QuickBooks Online gives you the option to send it through a mail manually or e-file it. Here is how you can e-file the 1099s.

Steps to e-file the 1099s in QuickBooks Online

a) If you are prompted for this option by QuickBooks online, then you will have to provide the missing email addresses of the contractors. You can also select NO and then click on Continue

  1. If you are not promoted for this option, then you have already opted to provide the contractors online access to their 1099s
  1. All contractors whose email addresses have been provided will receive an invite to access and check the 1099 forms online.
  2. If an email address is not correct, you will have to update the information in QuickBooks and then return to the e-filing of 1099s, this way, you will be sure that the contractor gets the invite to access their 1099 forms.
  3. If the email address field is left blank, the 1099 copy is still delivered to the email address that you have saved earlier in your QuickBooks Online account.

The physical or paper version of Copy A of Form 1099 is for the user’s records. They should not print or mail this form to the IRS.

Follow the details above and make sure that the information you provide is accurate before filing the 1099s.

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