open .qbx file without quickbooks

Open .QBX file without QuickBooks

Learn how to open QBX file without QuickBooks

What is .QBX file in QuickBooks?

.qbx is an extension for the QuickBooks accountant file. .QBX file also known as the QuickBooks accountant file is used when a user sends his QuickBooks company file to his accountant for accounting changes. In this article, we will talk about how to open qbx file without QuickBooks. This means opening the .qbx file in a different application other than QuickBooks. Applications that can display information like MS Excel, sheets, etc

Different QuickBooks file Extensions

There are different file extensions like .qbx for the QuickBooks company file. They are as shown below:-

  • .QBX File – Accountants Copy File
  • .QBW File – QuickBooks Company File
  • .QBB File – Backup of QuickBooks Company File
  • .QBM File – QuickBooks Portable File

Steps to open .QBX file without QuickBooks

Now you need to perform these steps in order to open .qbx file without QuickBooks.

Step 1: Convert .qbx file into QuickBooks company file (.qbw)

open qbx file without quickbooks

  1. Locate the .qbx file on your desktop
  2. Open the file in QuickBooks
  3. Navigate to the File option
  4. Choose Send Company File 
  5. From drop-down, select Accountant’s Copy
  6. Click on Convert Accountant’s Copy to Company File/QBW
  7. Select OK
  8. Select the location where you wish to save your company file (.QBW file)
  9. Click on Save & choose OK

Step 2: Export .qbw file to Excel

Now here is how you can open .qbb file without QuickBooks. You must have the latest version of the MS office suite installed on your computer.

open .qbx file without quickbooks

  • Locate the .qbw file in your computer that you converted from .qbx file
  • Right-click on it and click on open
  • Login to QuickBooks and put your username & password
  • Navigate to Customer center on the top menu
  • Click on the Excel option
  • Now select Export Excel
  • Choose the file location where you wish to save the excel file

Step 3: Import .qbw file in Excel

  • Go to programs
  • Locate MS Excel
  • Open Excel
  • Click on the File option
  • Choose Import from the drop-down
  • Click on the data option
  • Select from other sources
  • Locate the .qbw file
  • After selecting, click on convert
  • follow on-screen instructions and you will able to open .qbw file without QuickBooks in MS Excel

[box]QuickBooks Desktop Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise for Accountant versions are the only versions that have the feature to convert the .qbx file to the regular QuickBooks file. [/box]

If you fail to open .qbx file without QuickBooks – Contact Desktop Experts

In case the above-provided steps do not suit your convenience. You are unable to open .qbx file without QuickBooks, contact QuickBooks desktop experts on toll-free number +1888-727-4587.