What is QuickBooks Portable Company File Error & How to get fix it?

While you are trying to create or open a portable company file(.qbm). QuickBooks cannot open a portable company file due to which users get stuck. Users come across QuickBooks portable company file Error in QuickBooks Enterprise or any other desktop version when they use a non-valid portable company file.

QuickBooks Portable Company File Error

Usually, this error occurs when there is an issue with the location of your original company file locally. There can be other reasons as well, scroll down for step-by-step solutions for portable company file error in QuickBooks desktop.

What is the cause when QuickBooks cannot open a Portable company file?

Well depending upon the scenario, there can be various causes. The most common reasons might be:-

  1. When QuickBooks can’t read the location of the company file
  2. When QuickBooks company file is damaged
  3. When QuickBooks needs an update
  4. QuickBooks is not running as an administrator
  5. You are opening an old portable company file

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Portable Company File Error

Solution 1 – Create a Copy of your Company File

A major cause of this error is that location of the original company file couldn’t be defined. Simply create a copy of your original file and then create a portable company file from it. Follow these steps:-

Solution 2- Download QuickBooks Tool Hub & Use QuickBooks File Doctor to Repair QuickBooks Portable Company File Error

If You receive an error while restoring an old portable company file in QuickBooks Desktop

Portable company files are used to move your accounting data. But due to a QuickBooks portable company file error users are unable to move their company file. Follow these instructions to remove the error message.

By using these steps you can get rid of the error in QuickBooks portable company file. You can now move your data

Connect with QuickBooks Experts to Repair QuickBooks Portable File Error

In case the above instructions don’t help you fix the portable file error in QuickBooks. Get in touch with QuickBooks error support experts at +1888-727-4587 who will not only resolve your issue but will provide you with a proper Root Cause analysis of the error.

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