Target Chaining Error When using QuickBooks Rebuild Tool

When QuickBooks desktop users use the QuickBooks rebuild data utility. They come across target chaining errors in QuickBooks in the QuickBooks Log File or QBWin.log file. These errors are correlated with QuickBooks desktop unrecoverable errors. This error is very common among QuickBooks Enterprise users.

On the other hand, a Target chaining error may also appear in the audit trail. You might not see the actual dates of the transaction & it might appear In Version 2.0 in the Entered/Last Modified column.

target chaining error in quickbooks

Necessary Steps Before Fixing the Error

Causes of Target Chaining Error in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Errors in QuickBooks Company File
  2. Transactions are not linked
  3. Unlinked Transactions do not have names
  4. Your QuickBooks desktop company file is bigger than 2GB
  5. QuickBooks desktop is not up to date
  6. There is a sync manager error with your QuickBooks desktop
  7. QuickBooks file already condensed

How to Fix Target Chaining Error in QuickBooks

You can easily fix the error using the steps given below. But there may be instances when you might need the help of a technical support expert. You can contact us on +1888-727-4587.

Solution 1: Use Rebuild Data Utility

Step #1 – Use Rebuild Data

Step #2 – Use Verify Data

Solution 2: Restore a QuickBooks Backup File (.qbb)

If you fail to rebuild your company file data. Open QuickBooks Desktop and restore the latest backup of your company file. Here is how you can restore your latest backup:-

quickbooks target chaining error

target chaining error

quickbooks desktop target chaining error

target chaining error quickbooks

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks Condense Data Utility

Contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Experts To Repair Target Chaining Error

In case the troubleshooting steps do not help you fix the QuickBooks target chaining error. Contact QuickBooks Enterprise support experts at +1888-727-4587 and get instant error support for the QuickBooks desktop.

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