learn how to disable intuit quickbooks sync manager

How to disable QuickBooks Sync Manager

How to Disable QuickBooks Sync Manager for QuickBooks Desktop

Recently users have come across errors and faults caused by the sync manager. In this article, we will learn how to disable QuickBooks Sync Manager.

What is QuickBooks Sync Manager?

how to disable QuickBooks sync manager

QuickBooks Sync Manager is a feature on the QuickBooks desktop version. It synchronizes QuickBooks company file data information with other 3rd party applications & also communicates with internal add-on services by Intuit.

Recently Intuit has discontinued the QuickBooks sync manager from its features. New methods are being developed to improve user experience. As the focus is now to cater to clients online as much as they can.

Why Disable QuickBooks Sync Manager in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks sync manager might give you various errors while working on QuickBooks. After QuickBooks desktop & QuickBooks for Mac discontinuation, the sync manager is not running on the latest technology which usually results in an error. By reading this guide you will be able to remove sync manager errors in QuickBooks.

What happens after you disable QuickBooks Sync Manager?

learn how to disable intuit quickbooks sync manager

When you disable QuickBooks sync manager you no longer will be able to exchange data with other applications. Applications that use your QuickBooks information such as – Intuit 1099 e-file service, 3PointData, Abacus, B2B & Rep Portal, and CRM for QuickBooks – Crik-IT, etc. will not be able to sync with your QuickBooks desktop. Users can use the QuickBooks web connector as an alternative for Intuit sync manager.

How to Disable QuickBooks Sync Manager

There is a series of steps you need to perform to completely remove the QuickBooks sync manager feature.

Remember before you disable sync manager in QuickBooks, clear all company files being synced right now.

Perform these steps to do it:-

  • Go to taskbar
  • Search for Intuit Sync Manager in the system tray
  • Right Click on Intuit sync manager
  • It will display all company files which are being synced
  • Tap on Sync Enabled option
  • And Select disable from the drop-down options

Now clear the sync settings within the QuickBooks desktop

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Navigate to Help on the top menu
  • From the drop-down click on Manage Data Sync
  • Click on clear sync settings
  • Select Yes to confirm

You need to uninstall the QuickBooks sync manager to ensure that the QuickBooks sync manager error does not happen again. You need to remove it from the company preferences to stop automatic updates or Intuit sync manager update pop-ups.

Uninstall & Disable QuickBooks Sync Manager updates

  • Close QuickBooks desktop from the task manager
  • Ensure all services such as Intuitsyncmanager.exe are stopped from the task manager
  • Go to the system tray icons
  • Right-click on the Sync manager icon
  • Click on exit sync manager
  • Open local drive files on your desktop or locate C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Intuit\SyncManager and rename the SyncManager file to SyncManager.OLD
  • Go to the run optionĀ & type msconfig.exe
  • Uncheck Intuit sync manager from the Startup in Microsoft configuration utility.

Contact QuickBooks Experts Manually Disable QuickBooks Sync Manager

If you need assistance from an expert in order to disable the QuickBooks sync manager. Contact support at +1888-727-4587 and get instant remote help for your QuickBooks desktop issues.