Checklist for the End of Your Small Business Fiscal Year in QuickBooks By QuickBooks support

  1. Balance Your Checkbook
  2. Review Past-Due Receivables
  3. Analyze Inventory Status
  4. Process Payroll
  5. Review Actual Profit and Loss vs. Budget
  6. Review the Month-End Balance Sheet vs. Prior Period
  7. Review Your Inventory
  8. Fill Out IRS Forms W-2 & 1099 MISC
  9. Review & Approve Year-End Financial Reports & Tax Returns
  10. Create and send customer statements
  11. Make distributions
  12. Reconcile your accounts
  13. Run Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Reports
  14. Prepare for taxes by giving your accountant access to your data
  15. Prepare and file 1099s
  16. The process last pay runs for the year.
  17. Print Year-End (Annual YTD) Reports > Payroll Register Summary > any other you feel necessary.
  18. Cross Check Total Annual Gross Wages per Payroll Register with Wages Expense Total in the Profit & Loss YTD.
  19. Cross Check with Payroll Register Summary Report.
  20. Complete the Payroll Year End Process.
  21. Close the books.

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