QuickBooks Desktop is Unable To Send Your Emails To Outlook

QuickBooks is robust accounting software that solves the accounting purposes of small and medium-scale businesses. The software features a minimal interface and extensive feature list that can be used to increase the profitability of the business. In this self-help guide learn how to fix the QuickBooks desktop that is unable to send your emails to Outlook problem in QuickBooks Pro, Premier & QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Common QuickBooks Email Error with Outlook

While working on the software, there are various instances where users need to send emails to Outlook. However, sometimes the software fails to send emails to Outlook. If you have encountered a similar setback, read the article to the end to learn about the causes and fixation method of QuickBooks desktop being unable to send your emails to Outlook error.

Causes of QuickBooks Desktop Email Error

There are various causes that are associated with email errors. Some of the prominent lists of reasons include:

  • When email settings are correct, the error will appear on the screen.
  • If the .dll file is damaged, the QuickBooks desktop email error will occur.
  • When the software is not installed correctly, an error is inevitable.
  • When important QuickBooks files are corrupted or deleted, the error will appear on the screen.
QuickBooks Desktop is Unable To Send Your Emails To Outlook
QuickBooks desktop is unable to send your emails to Outlook Error Screenshot

All these reasons lead to the error message QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook.

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Symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Email Error

The symptoms of QuickBooks desktop email errors include:

  • QuickBooks frequently crashes at regular intervals.
  • The overall performance of the computer system is compromised.
  • The inputs from the mouse and keyboard become slow. 
  • The email error message pops up on the screen while users open the software.

Fixation Methods of QuickBooks Desktop Email Error

Once you have witnessed the error, you must fix the issue to avoid any data loss and unwanted complications.

Some of the prominent methods to fix the QuickBooks desktop email error are listed below.

Run QuickBooks As an Administrator

You can fix the email issue by running QuickBooks with administrator access. To run QuickBooks as an administrator, follow the steps below.

  • Open Windows Start Menu and Type QuickBooks in the search bar. 
  • Open the location of the software and right-click the Quickooks.exe file, and select properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab 
  • Then select Run This Program As Administrator and check the box  
QuickBooks Desktop is Unable To Send Your Emails To Outlook
  • Select Apply and OK.

Reopen the software and send a test mail. If you still see the error message, move to the next method.

Reinstall QuickBooks Again

Sometimes improper installation of QuickBooks leads to desktop email errors. To reinstall QuickBooks from scratch, follow the points listed below.

  • Firstly, uninstall the software and remove all the components completely.
  • Extract the installer and follow all the terms and conditions to install QuickBooks software.

Once you have reinstalled the software, send an email to check for the error. If the error persists, follow the next method, 

Check Internet Explorer Email Preferences

To check internet explorer email preferences, follow the points below.

  • Close QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools from the Settings menu and click on Internet Options.
QuickBooks Desktop is Unable To Send Your Emails To Outlook
  • Select the Programs Tab and click on Set Programs.
  • Under Set Your Default Programs, Select the email service that you want to use.
  • Select Apply and then OK.

Open QuickBooks software again and check for the error. If the error message appears on the screen, follow the next method.

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Edit Email Preferences in QuickBooks

You can edit email preferences in QuickBooks and resolve the error. To edit the preferences, follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to Edit Menu.
  • Click on Preferences and select send forms from the menu.
  • Next, click on my preferences tab and select QuickBooks email or webmail.
  • Repeat the same steps and navigate to the My Preferences Tab.
  • Select Outlook and click OK.
  • Close QuickBooks and all other programs.
image 2
  • Restart your operating system to make the necessary changes.

Contact QuickBooks Error Support

Open the software and check for the error. If you still see the error, it is speculated that the cause behind the error must be a technical glitch. Reach out to our QuickBooks desktop experts on the QuickBooks error support toll-free helpline number +1888-727-4587. Our Error support team offers 24/7 assistance to QuickBooks desktop users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does QuickBooks Outlook Not Respond?

QuickBooks’ older versions do not respond to Outlook because of improper installation, preferences, and corrupted .dll files.

Does Slow Internet Connection Reason for QuickBooks Desktop Email Error?

Yes, a slow internet connection also leads to QuickBooks desktop email errors.

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QuickBooks not sending emails ? Fix it now

QuickBooks Not Sending Emails in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks not sending emails

While working on QuickBooks you may encounter that QuickBooks is unable to send emails to Outlook or QuickBooks not sending emails which are causing issues to generate the invoices, in this scenario the very first thing to do is check whether any other Outlook window is opening or running in the background. If not then there are other root causes that are likely to cause this issue, some of them are mentioned below :

  • Damaged QuickBooks Company file (.qbw)
  • Incorrect Outlook Installation
  • Email setting not configured properly
  • MAPI32.dl file is corrupted

Perform standard solutions for QuickBooks unable to send Emails to Outlook in QuickBooks desktop

Solution 1: Make sure that your email preferences are configured properly in Outlook

  • In QuickBooks go to Edit > Preferences > Send forms > My Preferences > Set Send E-mail using to Outlook or the option that you want
  • Exit all QuickBooks windows and Restart your Computer

Solution 2: Check your Email preferences in your default browser i.e. IE or Chrome

  • For Internet Explorer : Close QuickBooks > Open IE > Go to Tools > Internet options > Select Programs tab 
  • In the Programs tab make sure that the default email is selected which you use for your Emails
  • Restart your System and QuickBooks

Solution 3: QuickBooks Running as an Administrator

  • Right Click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and go to properties
  • Go to compatibility mode
  • Uncheck Run this program as an administrator
  • Restart QuickBooks

Solution 4: When the MAPI32.dl file is corrupted, If you are not very technically good then please do not try it yourself contact QuickBooks customer service phone number at +1888-727-4587 for instant help, or you can test and repair MAPI32.dl file by yourself.