QuickBooks aids small and medium-scale businesses in managing their business goals. The accounting software offers an array of features to improve the overall experience for users. However, while working on the software, there are various QuickBooks display issues on the monitor such as black lines,  font irregularities, and more that affect the working experience.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Display Issue?

Display issues in QuickBooks desktop can be due to various reasons. To rectify and understand the core problem of display issues depends upon the category. If you witness any QuickBooks display issues, you must understand the symptoms, causes, and fixation methods for a hassle-free experience. Read the article to the end for a detailed guide on the QuickBooks display issue.

Early Signs of QuickBooks Display Issue

When the QuickBooks has display issues, there are certain early signs that you must check to understand the situation and implement appropriate troubleshooting methods. The list of early signs of QuickBooks display issue includes:

Causes of QuickBooks Display Issue

QuickBooks display issue is primarily caused when the MS Windows Resolution or Fonts settings are changed. Generally, QuickBooks is designed to work best in the DPI value of 96, which is less than 100%. However, when the system settings are turned between 125% to 150% DPI, the QuickBooks display issues will appear on the screen. 

QuickBooks Display Issue

Fixation Methods of QuickBooks Display Issue

If you witness any of the early signs of a QuickBooks display issue, you must immediately resort to troubleshooting methods to fix the issue to the earliest and avoid any data loss. The fixation methods to fix the QuickBooks display issue are mentioned below.

Alter Display Settings in QuickBooks

To change the display and view preferences settings in QuickBooks, follow the steps mentioned below.

QuickBooks Display Issue

If the display issue still appears on the screen, move to the next method.

Adjust View Preferences in QuickBooks

To adjust the view preferences in QuickBooks, follow the steps mentioned below.

image 14

Once you have followed the steps in chronological reopen QuickBooks and check for the error. If you still see the issue, follow the next method.

Change your Windows Display Settings

To change Windows Display settings, follow the points below.

Window 8 or 8.1

If you want to change display settings in Windows 8 or 8.1, follow the points below.

Windows 7

If you use Windows 7, follow the steps below.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Professionals

All the methods listed above will fix the display issue. If you still see the problem on the screen, it is suggested that you must contact QuickBooks Desktop Experts for technical assistance. Our support team offers 24/7 support to users who face various errors while working on the software via the QuickBooks error support phone number.

FAQs About QuickBooks Display Issue

What is the QuickBooks Display Issue?

QuickBooks display issue arises when the DPI settings of Windows do not match the requirements of QuickBooks.

What is the Major Cause of the QuickBooks Display Issue?

When the DPI settings range between 125% to 150%, the error will appear on the screen.

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