QuickBooks desktop has been changing the lives of small business owners for decades. QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has evolved into a marvelous application that meets all the accounting needs of a small business or an accounting professional. In this article, we will explore the latest release of QuickBooks desktop by Intuit in 2023. QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has enabled users with comprehensive tools and powerful features to boost the efficiency of their business in today’s digitally transformed world.

What is QuickBooks Desktop 2023

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 is a one-stop suite to manage and fulfill all accounting needs in one platform. The application empowers businesses to maintain a healthy ecosystem for their accounting by providing valuable insights, reports, and tools. QuickBooks Desktop 2023 has a user-friendly interface and experience.

Even new QuickBooks users can navigate its comprehensive set of tools and amazing features easily. With promising features in the past, the new revolutionized interface offers complete satisfaction. Advanced and fast processing commands in QB Desktop 2023 offer a more simplified and no-frills accounting system.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2023

New QuickBooks Desktop 2023 comes with new features to improve user experience and fix bugs reported by ongoing users. Intuit has seriously taken the debugging task to eliminate hindrances in the accounting process faced by users in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Latest Release Notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2023

QuickBooks gets updated from time to time to perform better and achieve goals vigorously. Below mentioned are the latest release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

R3 – October 2022 (Release notes for QuickBooks update in October 2022.)

InventoryEfficiently organize your inventory by utilizing the new category list view. Check the tutorial video by Intuit for the same. Facilitate seamless movement of multiple items and leverage categories in both the Find and Select items function as well as in reports. Kindly note that the Categories feature will exclusively be accessible starting from Release 3 (R3) or subsequent versions, and will no longer be supported in R1. Please access the Expiration Status report to gain insights on item lot or serial numbers, and apply filters to narrow down results based on expiration dates.
Intercompany transactionsUtilize date-range filters within the Intercompany dashboard and valuable Reports feature to refine your search results. Modify an Intercompany General Journal entry by editing all fields except for the “amount” and “account” fields. Adjust the default due-to-account when granting approval for Intercompany transactions.
Cash Flow HubCombined direct connect banks into the comprehensive “All accounts” section of the Cash Flow hub, facilitating unified and easy balance tracking across a diverse array of financial institutions.
1099 changesView-only mode is updated for QuickBooks desktop users when the QuickBooks subscription is lapsed.
View-only modeView-only mode is updated for QuickBooks desktop users, when the QuickBooks subscription is lapsed.
Money Transmission License (MTL)Payment receipts generated through Online Payment Processing have been enhanced to meet MTL (Merchant Transaction Language) compliance requirements. These receipts now feature MTL-specific fields and disclosures, including Payment Amount, Total Amount, Date of Transaction, Payment Method, and Authorization Code, providing users with comprehensive information regarding their transactions.
Error FixesThe Inventory Valuation Summary Report is compatible with the Software Developer Kit API. Invoices incorporate the price rule for items with a sales price exceeding $10,000. To quickly access a company file, you can utilize the keyboard shortcut “Enter” on the No Company Open screen.

Learn to manage your inventory with the new category list view. It allows users with advanced filters and reports. You can easily create, manage, edit, delete, and apply filters for reports using this new feature in QuickBooks desktop 2023. Check out the video for more detailed instructions on using this feature in 2023.

R4 (R4_92 April 2022) Release Notes for Updates in April 2022 for QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Inventory changesEasily manage and customize item categories in bulk using the Categories feature in Add/Edit multiple list entries, and take advantage of the convenient copy-paste functionality from Excel.

Gain a clear understanding of the importance of categories through an enhanced Welcome screen.

The Category Center has been renamed as Category List, aligning it with the terminology used for the Item List.
A new preference type, “umpnotneeded,” has been introduced to the consent screen. This feature allows developers to disable the unattended access option on the consent screen. By doing so, developers are given the choice to integrate the application and perform data synchronization exclusively when QuickBooks is active and operational.

R4_101 April 23 – Release Notes for updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2023 in April 2023

Desktop PayrollYou now have the ability to offer 401(k) retirement advantages to your employees through Guideline 401(k) directly within QuickBooks Desktop. This feature is available to every Enhanced & Assisted Payroll subscription user.

To access and enroll in Guideline 401(k) retirement plan, start by signing in to QuickBooks Desktop as the Admin, then proceed to sign in to your Intuit Account.
We have improved the employee center experience, simplifying the process of entering essential information for your employees.

The employee information central and discovery items have been updated so that you can identify incomplete employee profiles & understand the advantages of having complete employee profiles.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Discover the optimal system requirements to ensure an exceptional QuickBooks Desktop 2023 experience on your computer.

Gain valuable insights into the necessary operating system, hardware, software, and additional prerequisites essential for running QuickBooks Desktop 2023 efficiently.

System Requirement for QuickBooks Desktop For Windows

Here are the system requirements for the latest desktop versions like QuickBooks Pro 2023, QuickBooks Premier 2023, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2023. For more information, contact desktop professionals at the 24×7 available QuickBooks enterprise support phone number.

QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise 2023

Browser Requirements

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 will work in active internet connection only and support google chrome, internet explorer, and Mozilla updated versions.

Operating System

Are you currently using Windows 8.1?

Please note that Microsoft will discontinue providing security updates or support for PCs running Windows 8.1 after January 10, 2023. Consequently, QuickBooks 2023 does not support Windows 8.1 and cannot be installed on this operating system.

To obtain further information, kindly refer to the QuickBooks Desktop no longer supports Windows 8.1 resources.

QuickBooks Desktop is compatible with the following operating systems:

Please note that QuickBooks requires the use of Windows in a native installation and does not support emulation or virtual environments.

Database or Server

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 supports the following Windows versions:

Please be aware that Linux and Windows 10 S Mode are not compatible with QuickBooks. It is necessary to have a natively installed version of Windows for QuickBooks to function properly.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum system requirements for QuickBooks are as follows:

Processor: A minimum of 2.4 GHz is recommended. RAM (workstation): At least 8 GB of RAM is required, but 16 GB is recommended. RAM (server):

Please ensure your system meets these requirements to ensure optimal performance with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks For Mac 2023 System Requirements

To ensure compatibility and integration with QuickBooks Mac 2023, please review the following requirements:

Operating System

QuickBooks Mac 2023 is compatible with Mac OS X v12.0 (Monterey) or later.
iOS Compatibility: iPhone-related features require iOS 12.0 or later.


QuickBooks Mac 2023 supports both Intel and Apple CPU hardware.
Internet Connection: An active internet connection is necessary for QuickBooks functionality.

Integration/Compatibility Requirements:

Exporting report data: Use Apple Numbers v11.0 or later, or Microsoft Excel 2016 or later (including Microsoft 365).

E-mailing reports as PDF

Utilize Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook 2016 or later (including Microsoft 365).

File conversion

QuickBooks Mac 2023 allows one-way conversions to QuickBooks Online, one-way conversions from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows 2021 and 2022, as well as conversions to and from QuickBooks for Windows 2023.

Please ensure your system meets these requirements to enable smooth operations and optimal compatibility with QuickBooks Mac 2023.

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Installing QuickBooks Desktop 2023 is a straightforward and simple task. Follow these steps:-

QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Go to the QuickBooks desktop products page and download the file.

qb desktop 2023 version

Choose the version name in the drop-down menu.

Navigate to your Downloads and Run the downloaded file.

quickbooks desktop 2023

Keep your QuickBooks desktop license number handy or call us to help you locate your license info.

Activate QuickBooks after completing the installation.

buy quickbooks desktop 2023

Go to the help menu and click on Activate QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2023 within QuickBooks

If you are an active subscriber of QuickBooks Desktop Pro (or Premier) 2017 or 2018, upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop version is easy and fast. With just a few clicks using Easily Upgrade to 2023.

Follow these steps to conveniently update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version.

qb desktop 2023

Go to the Help menu and choose “Upgrade QuickBooks.”

qb desktop 2023 price

If you have already purchased QuickBooks and are ready to upgrade, select “Upgrade Now.”

qb desktop 2023 windows download

QuickBooks will automatically check for available upgrades on your customer account.

If no upgrades are available on your customer account or if you purchased QuickBooks from a retail store, QuickBooks will prompt you to provide the license and product numbers for the upgrade. Once you enter the information, select “Continue” to proceed.

update to quickbook desktop 2023

If upgrades are found on your customer account, QuickBooks will display them. Select the appropriate version and click on “Upgrade Now.”

If you prefer to remove the older QuickBooks version, uncheck the option “Keep old versions on my computer” and then select “Let’s go.”

install quickbooks desktop 2023

QuickBooks will close at this point, allowing the upgrade process to run. This process installs and registers the new version, creating an updated copy of your company file.

Note: The duration of the upgrade may vary depending on your internet speed and the size of your company file.

Once the upgrade is completed, a success message will appear. Select “Open QuickBooks,” and you can start using the new version of QuickBooks.

Tip: QuickBooks automatically detects new software editions on your customer account. When you launch QuickBooks, you will receive a prompt to upgrade. Simply click on “Upgrade Now” to initiate the upgrade process.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Support

From Navigating in QuickBooks Desktop 2023, managing customers and sales in QuickBooks Desktop 2023, managing vendors and expenses in QuickBooks Desktop 2023, Tracking and Analyzing Finances, Payroll Setup & management in QB Desktop 2023, Customizing & Using Reports in QuickBooks Desktop 2023, Integrating third-Party applications with QB Desktop 2023 and Troubleshooting common issues in QuickBooks Desktop 2023. If you need any help contact our QuickBooks support team.

Our certified professionals are equipped with the latest technology and information. You can explore QuickBooks Desktop 2023 before making any decision. Contact our toll-free helpline support phone number and get a demo for QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 FAQs

Which QuickBooks desktop version be discontinued in 2023?

Intuit will discontinue QuickBooks desktop versions before 2021 after May 2023.

How much does QuickBooks Desktop 2023 cost?

QuickBooks Desktop price ranges from versions. QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2023 is $399.95/yr, QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023 for $549/y, QuickBooks Premier 2023 for $799/yr, and QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 for $549/yr.

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop?

Open the .exe file for QuickBooks desktop 2023 for Windows. Double-click and follow the on-screen instructions to install QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

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