What is QuickBooks Condense Data?

If you have been using QuickBooks for a quite long time, then you might have a concern about whether to create a new company file if the size limit is full or is there any way to zip or decrease the file size so that you have your data all in one QuickBooks company file. Intuit has developed the QuickBooks Condense Data utility tool which modifies your company file by extracting out junk and condenses closed transactions into quick journal entries.

If you are facing QuickBooks Performance issues Call QuickBooks Support Now on our toll-free mentioned above and get your QuickBooks data condensed by one of our QuickBooks experts.

Things that you need to remember before you condense your data

Condensing the QuickBooks Company file will not fix QuickBooks condense data errors or file damages, Call QuickBooks desktop support and get instant support.

How to run Condense Data Utility

QuickBooks will create two copies after the QuickBooks condense data process:

Backup file: QuickBooks Backup file will be the backup of your previous data

Archived file: The archive file will show you the history of condensed data after condensing the file

Contact QuickBooks Experts to get help with QuickBooks Condense Data

All versions of QuickBooks company file cannot be condensed, Connect with Intuit Data service if you are QuickBooks 2014 version or older. You need to have the latest update so that your application can run the QuickBooks condense data utility properly. Call QuickBooks data services if you have any queries.

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