QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No Subscription

Everyone knows that one needs to get a subscription to use QuickBooks. But, many users may not know that they can now use QuickBooks desktop Pro 2021 No subscription. Yes, QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software out there that allows users to handle and track their businesses without any hassles. Users can use 2021 QuickBooks Pro without a subscription. Let’s know further details about this.

What Features Will One Get With No Subscription QuickBooks Desktop Pro Licence?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No Subscription is a one-time purchase license that doesn’t need any subscription to use. It hasn’t compromised the quality and allows users to access all features of Quickbooks pro. One can install it on up to 2 computers. Users can be benefited from payroll services as add-ons. It also comes with several new and exciting features, such as 

  • Automated Payment
  • Reminders 
  • Emails/ invoice consolidation 
  • Smart help etc.

So, we can say that this non-subscription license is beneficial enough for users. Now, you can track performance, and finances, or export financial data without any hazards by using this QuickBooks license number. One thing that should be mentioned here is that you can check customers, vendors, or suppliers up to 14,500 times by using QuickBooks Pro.

It only has one drawback, it does not work with Mac, and only users who have Windows 8 or Windows 10 can use this version.

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Best Features Of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No Subscription

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No subscription has introduced several amazing and beneficial features to its users. Some of the features are mentioned below

Streamline Bank Feeds

This feature will save you the time you invest every month to input your bank transaction details. This feature allows users to automatically categorize transaction details with more efficiency and detail.

QuickBooks desktop pro 2021 no subscription

Automated Receipt Management

With this feature, you will never lose a receipt. You can now automatically create and categorize receipt expenses transactions on the QuickBooks desktop pro 2021 no subscription. It stores digital copies of the receipts on users’ computer

Create Rule-Based Customer Groups

You now can improve your customer experience by creating rule-based customer groups depending on the age, preferences, locality, or other details of customers. It helps to manage your customers and provide them with personalized service. 

Automated Statement/Payment Reminders

You would never want to miss a date of payment and that’s why QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no subscription offers automatic statements or payment reminders. You can now send statements with payment links to the customer to encourage them to clear their due payment. It allows users to send customized reminders to improve the customer-seller bond. 

Improved Inventory Features

With QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021, it has become easier to track warehouse inventories. For this purpose, it has improved features such as data level permissions, barcode label prices, improved landed cost calculations, etc. Using QuickBooks inventory tracking one can manage and track all the inventories without hazards and in less time.

image 21

Payroll Liability Reminders 

It is an amazing feature for small and medium business owners. They can now set calendar reminders for upcoming payroll taxes and liabilities.

QuickBooks desktop pro 2021 no subscription

Customized Payment Receipt

By choosing QuickBooks desktop 2021 with no subscription, users can customize the payment receipt to add a professional touch to their customer communication.

It Allows To Set Up And Reuse Email Templates

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 without subscription allows users to create and reuse email templates to increase their confidence in their emails.

Merchant Services Payment Reconciliation 

To improve the quality of merchant workflow, it allows desktop merchants to match all the payments to their accounts without any manual involvement.

Besides these amazing features, QuickBooks desktop Pro 2021 also comes with several other beneficial options to ease the hazards of managing a business.

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Can QuickBooks Desktop Pro Still Be Used Without Subscription?

With the 2023 release, QuickBooks has made subscriptions essential for all of its products. So, you can use QuickBooks 2021 without a subscription, but you can not use QuickBooks 2023 without a subscription. Now, QuickBooks has made the subscription mandatory to use the software efficiently. If you already have updated your Quickbooks to the 2023 edition, you may not be able to use that without a subscription.

How To Update To QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021?

To update your QuickBooks to the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 no subscription version, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you have to open QuickBooks and, from there, go to the help option.
  • Here, you will find the option to upgrade QuickBooks.
  • Here, you have to select the version you want to upgrade to and as the next step, you have to click the button named upgrade now.
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  • You can also keep the current version on your computer by saving it when prompted. 
  • Once it is done, select let’s go.

Now, your QuickBooks should be updated to the 2021 Pro version.


Though it is always advised to update QuickBooks to the latest version, You can still install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No subscription from the official website of Intuit and use this without a subscription. In case you need help, contact our QuickBooks pro support phone number at +1888-727-4587.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The Annual Subscription Of QuickBooks Pro?

It is $349.99/ year for Quickbooks pro plus and if you are willing to purchase QuickBooks Pro plus + payroll, the annual subscription for that is $849.99/ year. 

Can Someone Still Buy QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 No subscription?

Yes. QuickBooks 2021 can still be used seamlessly.  There are few one-time purchase licenses left for Quickbooks 2021. So, if you are willing to buy one, you should hurry.

Should One Uninstall The Current Version To Download The New One? 

According to many users, if you try to install another version while you already have a version on your system, it may lead you to installation issues. That’s why it is always advised to go for a clean installation to avoid the installation errors of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Application without Certificate or Revoked Certificate

Fix QuickBooks Application Without Certificate or QuickBooks Revoked Certificate Error

QuickBooks is a trusted accounting software widely used by businesses for managing accounting transactions and other financial reports. The software has valid certifications and safety protocols that make it one of the most comprehensive and trusted accounting software. While working on the software, there are certain cases when the application certification is revoked. When users try to connect an additional program, the revoked certificate error will appear on the screen. Let’s understand the causes and troubleshooting methods of the QuickBooks application without certificate or revoked certificate error.

What is QuickBooks Revoked Certificate?

The QuickBooks revoked certificate has become a general error for a major chunk of users. Earlier, the error was limited to certain additional programs. When additional programs are added to QuickBooks, the revoked certificate error might appear on the screen. This means that QuickBooks application without certificate is not valid. The prime cause behind the error remains the discontinuation of the additional program support from the developer.

QuickBooks Application without Certificate or Revoked Certificate

Causes of QuickBooks Revoked Certificate

There are two major causes of QuickBooks revoked certificate error. Firstly, when the QuickBooks web connector is not updated to the latest version, you will see the revoked certificate error. The second cause requires additional program identification. If the additional program has support from the developer, you will be able to integrate the program into QuickBooks. However, if the digital signature of the third-party application is invalid, the QuickBooks revoked certificate error will appear.

Things to Do Before Resolving QuickBooks Revoked Certificate Error

You must do certain things before resolving QuickBooks revoked certificate or QuickBooks application without certificate error. The list of essential points to consider is listed below. 

Update QuickBooks To Latest Release

To update QuickBooks to the newest version, follow the points below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to the Help menu.
  • Select the Update Desktop tab and click Get Updates to start the download.
  • You can choose between QuickBooks automatic and manual updates depending upon your requirement.
  • When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to install the new release when the option appears.
QuickBooks Application without Certificate or Revoked Certificate

Backup QuickBooks Data

To backup QuickBooks data, follow the steps below.

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to File menu.
  • Choose the Backup option and click on the option Back Up QuickBooks Company File Tab.
  • Click on Browse to change the backup location.
  • Click save 
QuickBooks Application without Certificate or Revoked Certificate

Wait for the process to finish. Once you have safeguarded your crucial data, move to the fixation methods listed below to solve the revoked certificate error.

Methods to Fix QuickBooks Revoked Certificate Error

You can fix the QuickBooks revoked certificate by following the methods listed below.

Check Whether QuickBooks Web Connecter is Updated

To check the status of QuickBooks Web Connector, follow the points below.

  • Open QuickBooks Web Connector from the Windows start menu.
  • Next, view the top menu of the web connector window to view the current version number.
  • If you see any updates available, download and install the latest web connector version
QuickBooks Application without Certificate or Revoked Certificate

Once you have updated the QuickBooks web connector, restart the system and open QuickBooks. If the error pop up on the screen, move to the next method.

Check Whether Third-Party Digital Signature is Valid

All the additional application comes with a digital signature that indicates technical support from the developer. When the digital signature is not valid, the revoked certificate error is inevitable.

To check the legitimacy of third-party digital signatures, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Right-click on the application and open the file location.
  • Click on the application extension and open the properties menu.
  • Next, navigate to Digital Signature Tab and perform the displayed prompt to the name of the signer.
  • Choose the details from the list and click on the view certificate option listed in the general tab.
  • View the certificate from the tab. You can also see the valid dates of the application.
  • Click on the OK button and finish the process.

Contact QuickBooks Desktop Support

The above methods will fix the revoked certificate error. If the revoked certificate error still appears on the screen, contact our QuickBooks desktop support experts for technical support. The experienced team offers 24/7 aid to users in fixing various QuickBooks errors.

FAQs about QuickBooks Application without Certificate

What is QuickBooks Revoked Certificate Error?

The QuickBooks revoked certificate has become a general error for a major chunk of users. The prime cause behind the error remains the discontinuation of the additional program support from the developer.

How to Contact QuickBooks Error Support Team?

You can contact the QuickBooks error support team at +1888-727-4587.

How to open qbb file without QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an application that records the finances of an entity whereas the company file which is created in QuickBooks is in .qbw file extension stored locally on your computer.

Users trying to open the qbw file are required to take the backup of their latest company file which will be in .qbb file format. The qbb file is a format of the QuickBooks Backup file.

Learn How to update QuickBooks company file on QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise & other versions.

QuickBooks Backup file can be created inside QuickBooks if a user wants to create a backup of the QuickBooks company file. The user trying to open qbb file without QuickBooks is the one who wants to import their qbw or qbb files into MS Excel or Office spreadsheet.

Open Excel > Go to File > Click on Import > Locate the .qbb file you want to open

QuickBooks backup files can be corrupted or cannot be imported, the cause may vary it can be either because of the version of QuickBooks or any internal damage in the QuickBooks Company file. If you encounter any trouble while importing the files please contact QuickBooks technical support.