While running QuickBooks POS, the user runs financial exchange which allows the point of sale to exchange information with QuickBooks desktop & QuickBooks Point of Sale. The financial exchange feature allows QuickBooks users to sync information so that the user doesn’t have to enter the information again on the QuickBooks desktop or POS. QuickBooks Error 140305 is a common error when a POS user tries to run a financial exchange.

What is QuickBooks Error 140305?

While running QuickBooks financial exchange QuickBooks POS throws an “Error 140305: You have reached the maximum allowed the number of customers in QuickBooks”. Which doesn’t allow Point of sale users to run Financial Exchange in QuickBooks.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 140305

Causes of Error 140305:-

  1. QuickBooks Company File is damaged or corrupted
  2. The customer list on the QuickBooks desktop has an error
  3. QuickBooks has reached the maximum number of customer list entries
  4. Financial Exchange has not been set up correctly
  5. QuickBooks desktop or POS is not up to date

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 140305?

To repair error 140305 so that point of sale users can run financial exchange in QuickBooks. Follow the troubleshooting instructions to get rid of this error.

Solution 1 – Run QuickBooks Rebuild Tool to repair company file damage

If QuickBooks POS error 140305 occurs due to company file damage then use QuickBooks rebuild utility tool & automatically fix minor errors in the company file easily.

quickbooks error 140305 fixed by verify tool

If the scan finishes with no error in the file it means that there is no damage in your QuickBooks company file.

Solution 2 – Remove customers without transactions in QuickBooks Point of Sale

One of the most common causes of this error is when you have reached the limit of the customer list. To undo this you can delete customers without transactions in your QuickBooks POS

modify customer list to fix quickbooks error 140305

After performing these steps try to run financial exchange to see if you still get the QuickBooks error 140305, if yes move on to the next solution

Solution 3 – Remove Customers with no transactions on the QuickBooks desktop

It is easy to get rid of error 140305 by simply deleting customers with no transactions on the QuickBooks desktop. This error occurs when you have reached the maximum limit of adding customers. The general limit of customers is 14,500 on QuickBooks desktops.

quickbooks error 140305 verify customers

After performing these steps if the financial exchange still fails to execute & you still see the error, move to the next solution

Solution 4 – Re-sort the customer list on the QuickBooks desktop

re-sort customer to fix pos error 140305

Contact QuickBooks Error Support Experts to Help you fix QuickBooks Error 140305

If you still get an error after performing the troubleshooting steps provided. You might need the supervision of a QuickBooks expert. Get in touch with QuickBooks error support at +1888-727-4587 & resolve this error immediately.

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